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Black Panther’s Hi-Tech Utopia

doubledee 2 months ago


This year's Black Panther movie was one of Marvel's best (in my opinion). It was action-packed, drama-filled, and showcased a civilization that effectively used alien technology for the betterment of its citizens and surrounding agricultural life. The harmony of advanced technology and nature was truly amazing. It's also grossed over $1 Billion in ticket sales worldwide so far--impressive indeed.


All to often there are conflicting feelings about how technology is impacting human society in general--sometime the consensus is good, other times, it's pretty bad and gloomy. Many Hollywood movies and fictional books exploit the best and worse views from both sides of the thought spectrum, although, the doom and gloom always seem to burn into our permanent memory and drive our fear of a hi-tech civilization even more.

That was not the case with the 2018 Marvel Black Panther movie. Yes I know it's only a movie with a fictional society, however, after watching this action thriller movie, I was genuinely impressed with the way the Wakandans utilized their extremely large deposit of Vibranium to improve their agriculture, power generation and storage, transportation, data infrastructure, healthcare, and ultimately, their overall quality-of-life without exploiting it for monetary gains. As we all know, had that been any other 1st world country, that would not have been the case. Governments and/or large corporations would have found a way to capitalize on the vibranium for self-gain and to drive their bottom line.

Black Panther's Technology Showcase

Ok, so I told you the movie was impressive, the technology was awesome, and fictional society could illustrate what Utopia looks like. Here are some of the technology depicted throughout the movie, without spoilers of course.

If you haven't seen Marvel's Black Panther movie yet, I highly recommend you go check it out. Let me know what your thoughts are after.


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  1. DreBallo April 11, 2018

    Agreed with all your points! This movie has captivated movie goers of all kinds for many different reasons and it’s extremely impressive at how this all came together. BIG UP! To Coogler and team. Hopefully this movie will be the new blockbuster blueprint going forward. Story and characters over everything else.


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