Black Panther’s Hi-Tech Utopia

This year’s Black Panther movie was one of Marvel’s best (in my opinion). It was action-packed, drama-filled, and showcased a civilization that effectively used alien technology for the betterment of its citizens and surrounding agricultural life. The harmony of advanced technology and nature was truly amazing. It’s also grossed over $1 Billion in ticket sales

Transhumans Today

MERGING HUMANS WITH TECHNOLOGY It’s somewhat funny, there is an official movement dedicated to fostering transhumanism and yet when I ask people in general if they’ve ever heard the term Transhumanism their answers are typically, “No, what is that?” Then they go on to ask, “Does it have to do with Robots?” This gives me

AI Music Rock Star

We are truly living in the age of Artificially Intelligence & Machine Learning. In 2017 AI is directly impacting various enterprise industries, healthcare, genomics, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, automotive, life sciences, communications, and the list goes on and on. Now AI is making its way to the music industries.

Personal 5 Star Robot Chef

Over the years, we’ve gotten busier and busier in our daily lives. So much so, we spend more time eating in restaurants, ordering up takeout, or consuming fast foods because we don’t have the “time”, or maybe even the skill, to cook a proper nourishing meal. What if robotics could change all of that?